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ProPublica’s Podcast: The Shrouded Role of Special Interest Groups in Influencing Election

In buying elections, Campaign Finance, Get the Ca$h on November 16, 2011 at 2:44 pm

If you would like more information on how big money is being funnelled int

Journalism in the public's interest.o the election machine, give this podcast a listen.  You may also find the transcript here.

ProPublica defines itself as “journalism in the public’s interest.”

Check out this representative quote:

The Supreme Court has a really mixed record on partisan gerrymandering. There are definitely Supreme Court justices who think that it’s totally unconstitutional, and that it’s really appalling that most redistricting that happens in the United States is done on a partisan basis, and ends up really benefitting particular politicians and particular parties, but not benefitting voters.

But it’s a little bit tricky because there is no Voting Rights Act for partisan politics and there are Supreme Court justices who just really don’t think that the 14th Amendment and equal protection of the laws applies to Democrats and Republicans as separate citizens. That’s the first thing that’s tricky about partisan gerrymandering.


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