Vox Populi

The Good

Here is a collection of reform-minded, anti-tort reform, seeking justice Americans whose view of democracy does not include the citizen living at the whims of special interest fat-cats.

Michigan Campaign Finance Network:

If you are into tracking monies from PACs directly into the coffers of elected officials–Judges included–then sign up for Rich Robinson’s newsletters.    Here is the “about us” info:

The Michigan Campaign Finance Network is a nonpartisan, nonprofit coalition of organizations and individuals concerned about the influence of money in politics and the need for campaign finance reform in Michigan. MCFN conducts research on campaign contributions and their relationship to election outcomes and issues of public policy, supports access to campaign finance information and develops educational initiatives for the public on the subject of campaign finance reform.


Center for Justice and Democracy:

The Center for Justice & Democracy is the only national consumer organization in the country exclusively dedicated to protecting our civil justice system.  

We are:

  • Working full-time to make sure average Americans get a fair shake in court, even against the country’s most powerful special interests.
  • Exposing unscrupulous attacks by special interests on judges, juries, injured consumers and the attorneys who represent them.
  • Raising public awareness of the value of our civil justice system and the dangerous campaign behind the so-called “tort reform” movement.


Justice At Stake

Here is what they say:

Helping Americans Keep Courts Fair and Impartial

Across America, your right to fair and impartial justice is at stake. Special interests are spending millions to influence decisions and elect judges to serve their narrow interest, not the public interest. Lawmakers and interest groups are trying to intimidate judges in retaliation for rulings they don’t like, often with threats of impeachment. And courts are being stripped of their powers to protect our rights.

Our democracy depends on fair, impartial courts that can protect our rights, guarantee equal justice, and make decisions based solely on the facts and the law—without fear of political intimidation.


Justice at Stake is a nonpartisan campaign with more than 50 national partners, working to keep state and federal courts fair and impartial. Justice at Stake Campaign partners educate the public and work for reforms to keep politics and special interests out of the courtroom—and to protect what Chief Justice Rehnquist called one of the “crown jewels” of our democracy.

JAS is currently funded by grants from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Joyce Foundation, the Herbert Block Foundation, the Moriah Fund and the Open Society Institute.


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