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Buying the Judiciary

In Uncategorized on April 2, 2012 at 10:01 pm

Welcome Florida!

List of crossings of the Saint Lawrence River ...

More than Interstate 75 connects us now.

Welcome to the new age of bought judges and paid-for verdicts.  You are joining an elite group of deciders whose decisions are not as unbiased (at least in appearances) as the deciders would like you to believe.

I am referencing a Washington Post article (Super PACs, donors turn sights on judicial branch; most of which was outside the paywall).  In said article, Florida judges are related to have attended, much to their chagrin, a…wait for it…fundraiser.  It will not, though, influence their judgement.

Except that it will.

Michigan has been electing “non partisan” judges for years, with surprising partisan results–one of which Michigan’s courts ranks low to last in judicial impartiality measures.

So, we welcome Florida to the race to the bottom for average citizen justice.  Until we get a PAC to advocate for the upholding of our rights and interests, Joe Q. Public will just have to deal.

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